Membership Application

Membership in Navy Yacht Club San Diego is currently restricted to Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, and civilian DOD personnel. 

Due to the club's location onboard a military facility, we adhere to a 100% proof of eligibility requirement in order to validate the club's membership as eligible patrons of MWR facilities and privileges. The club is not a government entity, and its governing documents are not directly tied to U.S. Government instructions and publications, so membership policies may be more restrictive than MWR at times. 

Accepted proof of eligibility:

Active Duty: SCRA affidavit found at

Reserve: Redacted copy of IDT orders (no SSNs, etc) as well as a state photo ID

Retired: Redacted copy of DD-214 (no SSNs, etc.)

When you click the button below, you will be re-routed to our old site ( for the application. This will be changing soon, and we appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.