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Commodore's Ball was a blast!

The 2018 Commodore's Ball was a great success! We successfully discharged the 2018 Bridge and Board and installed the 2019 Bridge and Board. Having done that, we all went home...

... Not in the slightest!

With a great dinner by the Coronado Cays Yacht Club's fantastic Chef and staff, and a few bottles of wine, the evening was off to a great start. As the ceremony started, guests were served CCYC's fresh signature salads and bread rolls. Options for entrees were either and herb-stuffed chicken with a Veronique sauce served with sides of wild rice with orzo, and squash, or a grilled ribeye finished with shallot demi glaze served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables, or a vegetarian option of eggplant parmesan with penne marinara and vegetables. Dinner was followed by coffee and slices of the NYCSD Commodore's Ball cake.

Master of Ceremonies and Director Curt Snyder was once again a hit, with his humor keeping the evening exciting and light-hearted amidst the yacht club procedure and formality of the installation. Staff Commodore Bill Edwards presided over the installation of the 2019 Bridge and Board, as well as inviting and inducting newly minted Junior Staff Commodore Evan Piritz into the International Order of the Blue Gavel (IOBG), the international organization of Staff Commodores (past Commodores). Congratulations to Junior Staff Commodore Piritz on his successful year as Commodore of Navy Yacht Club San Diego, and to Commodore Mary Berube on her installation as 2019 NYCSD Commodore!

After dinner, the band It's Never 2L8 struck the first chords of what would be a brilliant show, spanning decades of cover songs that sparked the wild side of the Navy Yacht Club crew. NYCSD members certainly can dance, and love to show it! If you need and proof, here is a sampling:

*** Of note, the author's wife is still mortified by his dancing antics. No names shall be given...***

While the dance fanatics burned off some calories, others took to CCYC's spacious patio for a scotch and cigar. Talk in that group soon turned to racing (who would have thought!), and dreams of races to come filled the air.

By evening's end, a happy and exhausted crew of NYCSD members departed CCYC with another Commodore's Ball in the books, and a host of stories and great memories to keep them going until next year!

A huge thanks to those that planned and executed this great event:

-Junior Staff Commodore Evan Piritz

-Commodore Mary Berube

-Vice Commodore Maureen Sylvester

-Director Curt Snyder

-Director Randy Griffeth and his wife Desiree

-Director Will Gaskill

-Staff Commodore Bill Edwards ('09)

-Staff Commodore Calder Epes ('17)

-It's Never 2L8

-Coronado Cays Yacht Club

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