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joins the race to restore ocean health

Race Organizers Partner with Sailors for the Sea to Go Green and Achieve Clean Regattas Certification

Navy Yacht Club San Diego is proud to announce that they have joined the race to restore ocean health with Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas program. The ocean is in crisis: every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean from land each year.  40% of our oceans are heavily affected by human activity, including pollution, overfishing and destructive fishing practices, complicated by the loss of coastal habitats.


Clean Regattas is a certification system that enables sailors to protect their local waters with 25 Best Practices that make sustainability approachable and easy to attain. This program is an effort by Sailors for the Sea to raise the bar for environmental sustainability and ocean health around the world.


Navy Yacht Club San Diego is dedicated to protecting the waters upon which we sail. We are excited to implement the Clean Regattas Best Practices to reduce our environmental impact, especially in the South Bay of the San Diego Bay which affords us such a stellar race area. As the area of the San Diego Bay into which several rivers drain, we sailors are faced with land and marine debris, chemical runoff and large amounts of plastic. And yet at the same time we observe in the South Bay the beauty of sea birds, dolphins, whales and sea lions who depend on clean and healthy waters.


This April, Navy Yacht Club San Diego received a Bronze Certification from Sailors for the Sea with its Quicker Tarantino Regatta, named after the two racers who founded the club in 1964.  Navy Yacht Club San Diego becomes the first and, so far in 2019, the only regatta in San Diego to achieve this recognition, joining events around the world such the 505 World Championships in Freemantle, Australia, the Dart 18 World Championships in Thailand, the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race in Massachusetts, and the Irish Student Yachting Nationals in Howth, Ireland. 


These are the Best Practices for which Navy Yacht Club San Diego was recognized for a Bronze Certification:


  • Assemble a “Green Team” to implement Best Practices

  • Eliminate 70 percent of plastic water bottles

  • Use Regatta Network as a paperless management tool

  • Award gear or usable items as trophies

  • Install semi-permanent water filtration system

  • Ensure 1:1 ration of Landfill to Recycling bins

  • Use water refilling stations

  • Eliminate Straws

  • Ensure all single use dinnerware and silverware is compostable or recyclable.

  • DO NOT ALTER Rule 55 (Trash Disposal) from ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and noted in Sailing Instructions

  • Make sure all waste bins are clearly marked RECYCLING and LANDFILL


UPDATE:     We have just been granted Silver Status !!! 

About Clean Regattas

Clean Regattas is the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. The program enables sailors to protect their local waters by empowering them with tips and resources to implement sustainability initiatives. Since 2006, more than 1100 Clean Regattas have been run in 36 countries and in over half of all the United States. To learn more contact Tyson Bottenus at or visit

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